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  • Portable Toilet VS Restroom Trailer
    Portable Toilet VS Restroom Trailer Nov 14, 2022
    If you are setting up a construction site, hosting a special event, planning a festival, or other types of outdoor events, providing access to the necessary facilities is an important consideration. Many people choose place based on access to restrooms and hand washing, but this is not always feasible at venues such as a construction site, park, or other specific place that you want to use for your special occassion. Luckily, you can work with a supplier to have portable toilets or restroom trailers brought to your place. Here are some ideas to help you decide the best option. When your place lacks adequate indoor restrooms for employees or guests, you can choose between portable toilets and restroom trailers. A portable toilet, commonly known as a porta potty, is a very rudimentary structure made of plastic that houses a chemical or flushable toilet. With this type of design, the small, plastic structure serves as the stall for the toilet. Some porta potties have plastic urinals next to the toilet. Portable restroom rentals have better aesthetics than porta potties, as well as more amenities, such as individual stalls, climate controls, flush toilets, sinks with running water, and vanities with mirrors. The trailers offer convenience, as well as many of the features that are found in household and public restrooms. With a portable toilet, a holding tank is located just below the seat of the toilet, and chemicals are used to control odors, reduce bacteria growth, and break down waste. A portable restroom trailer has a flushable toilet to move waste to a holding tank that is located outside of the trailer. Typical Uses for a Portable Toilet Rental Portable toilet rentals are typically used for sites where aesthetics is not important and only basic comfort is required, such as construction sites, roadside stops on highways, and public parks that are away from standard plumbing and electrical lines. Many people also use a portable toilet for large events to provide attendees with a facility for using the restroom. Typical Uses for a Restroom Trailer Rental a restroom trailer is ideal for outdoor venues where comfort, convenience, and aesthetics are important, such as a wedding, festival, family reunion, employee retreat, or customer appreciation event. A restroom trailer rental helps your guests feel at ease when using the facilities, and you can find luxury portable restroom trailers with more than one stall to accommodate the total number of people at your event. Advantages of Using a Portable Toilet The primary advantages of a small, portable toilet are budget and space. The units are typically very affordable and have footprints that easily fit into venues that are limited on space. You can line them up side-by-side to prevent long lines. Disadvantages of a Portable Toilet The primary disadvantage of porta johns is that they are much harder to keep clean. Even if your guests or employees exercise caution, accidents do happen. The interior of a portable toilet can become stained and filled with dirty toilet paper. This allows for people to be exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is especially true for portable toilets that don't include a sink or a way to hook up hoses for running water. Another disadvantage of a portable toilet is that it's harder to keep the holding tank's odor in check, especially on warm days: It needs more maintenance to be kept clean and hygienic. Ventilation in a porta john relies on air coming through small openings in the door and sides of the structure. Porta potties also have no electricity for interior lighting or outlets. Advantages of Using a Restroom Trailer Luxury portable restrooms provide all the comfort that you need for your guests or employees, from small gatherings to large events. The interior of a restroom trailer has stalls with flushable toilets, sinks, running water for hand washing, air conditioning and heating, and paper products. If you are having a multi-day event in a remote area, you can even find restroom trailers with showers, as well as trailers for hand washing. ADA compliance is another advantage of luxury restroom trailers. Vendors offer luxury restroom trailers for people with limited mobility that have exterior ramps, open interior spaces, grip bars, and lower vanities for guests and employees who are in wheelchairs or have limited mobility. Disadvantages of a Restroom Trailer If you are looking for toilet rental options based solely on budget and space, restroom trailers do have some disadvantages. Compared to a standard porta john, a full-service restroom trailer may cost more. Additionally, offering a restroom trailer rental for your guests and employees to use during your event does require more space than a standard portable toilet. Do You Need a Portable Toilet or Restroom Trailer? When you are deciding between a portable john and a mobile restroom trailer, you should look at the issue from the perspective of your guests or employees. Weddings, family reunions, employee events, customer events, and other outdoor events where you want to impress people and give them the utmost comfort are probably best served with luxury restroom trailers. A portable toilet is better for situations in which you just need to provide a very basic facility, such as construction sites and roadside stops during races. When it comes to a large event, you should consider your budget and the amount of space at the venue. The supplier can help you decide if you have room for a portable restroom trailer or just a few portable johns. How to Select the Right Type and Size of Portable Toilet In order to avoid long lines of people waiting to use the restroom facilities at your event, you should plan to have at least one porta potty for every 100 people. If you are serving alcohol, add some extra porta potty rentals. You may also want to have separate mobile restrooms for men and women. The stall design is the same for each, but many units have urinals in the men’s section. Additionally, most women simply feel more comfortable when they know that a porta potty has only been used by people of the same gender. How to Select the Right Type and Size of Restroom Trailer Because restroom trailers offer more than just toilets for your guests and employees, you need to have more available at your outdoor venue. A good guideline to determine your rental needs is to have one toilet stall per 25 people. You may also want to have a sink trailer onsite for people who just need to freshen up and wash their hands, but not use the bathroom. This helps to prevent long lines at large gatherings and events. If the duration of your event covers two days or longer, include at least one shower trailer in your plans for restroom rentals. Amenities in Each Type of Trailer Luxury restroom trailers come with many standard amenities, such as sinks, running hot and cold water, hand sanitizer, toilet paper dispensers, paper towels, soap, climate control, deodorizers, and interior lighting. In addition to the standard amenities, you can find portable luxury restrooms with other features. For men, you can rent a portable restroom trailer with stall toilets and urinals. Bunk trailers are the ultimate in luxury for your guests and workers at remote job sites. These include private entries, sleeping areas, and televisions. Using bunk trailers and shower trailers is a great combination for situations that require people to remain onsite for extended periods, such as disaster relief efforts, multi-day sports events, and more. If I have a small outdoor venue, is a portable toilet my only option? You can find smaller luxury restroom trailers that fit well into any setting. The trailers have two toilet stalls, two sinks, and one urinal. In comparison, two portable toilets would take up about the same space when you consider the room needed outside for people to wait in line. How easy is it to clean a portable toilet compared to a restroom trailer? Due to the cramped interior space and lack of amenities inside a porta potty, these facilities often get dirty pretty fast. Cleaning the interior requires using hoses to rinse it down with water. With a luxury portable restroom trailer, interiors tend to stay cleaner because people have access to trash bins. You can clean the interior much the same way that you clean at home. The vendor may also include routine cleaning during your event as part of the service. Is a portable toilet or luxury restroom trailer easier to set up on site? Portable toilets require a few inches of space between each unit, and the ground must be level. Otherwise, you risk spilling the contents of the holding tanks. Luxury restroom trailers can fit into just about any space, and you get multiple toilets within the footprint. Additionally, the trailer has adjustments to level the unit, so you don’t have to level out the ground. If you would like more information to help you decide if a portable toilet or restroom trailer is best for your worksite or outdoor event, submit a quote inquiry, or you can browse to learn more about our products and services. Or, contact us to get answers to your specific questions.
  • Fascinating Portable Toilet Facts
    Fascinating Portable Toilet Facts Nov 17, 2022
    Is it possible for portable toilets to be fascinating? We think so. While it is true that many people don't have much respect for portable toilets, we, at Topindus, are confronting stereotypes by producing portable toilets that are neat and clean. All of our models have hand sanitizer. Before you decide that clean should not be used to describe portable toilets, go check out our portable toilets. With 24% more floor space than our classic toilets, they add a touch of class with an on-board water supply, soap, paper towels, and a sink for clean hands. Also, take a look at our luxury restroom trailer with heat, A/C, and running water for your elegant party or wedding. You'll be impressed! Since we are so intrigued by portable toilets, we've dug into the history and current global statistics of these portable units. If you are a person with a love-hate relationship with portable toilets, their history will show you the benefits of them. We also provide a tip for you on how to choose the cleanest toilet within a row of toilets. Here are the fascinating facts about portable toilets that we have chosen just for you: 1. The Portable Toilet Industry Began For Shipyard Employees In The 1940s The portable toilet story begins during World War II, when the owners of the shipyards in Long Beach, New Jersey, realized that the employees were losing a lot of valuable work time in the long trek from the ships back to the docks to answer nature's call. According to the Minneapolis Porta Potty Pros, they decided to construct small, portable cubicles that were made with wood or metal and contained a small holding tank. As a result, workers were happier and more productive, and this invention marked the start of the portable toilet industry. 2. Portable Toilets Have Many Different Names The following are a few examples: Portable restroom (our preferred term) Porta potty Porta-john Honey bucket WC (water closet; used in Europe) Porta-loo Johnny-on-the-spot Jon 3. How The Industry Has Evolved To Meet The Customer's Needs And Wants The portable toilet industry started as a solution to a problem on ships and has now grown and evolved into something much broader. Portable toilets started out as structures made of wood and metal. This made them incredibly heavy and extremely difficult to empty once the ships docked. Eventually, they began to use lighter building materials, which made them a lot easier to clean. One of the ways that we are evolving to match the needs of our customers is our units. These are on specifically-designed trailers for One of the ways that we are evolving to match the needs of our customers is our trailer toilet units. These are on specifically-designed trailers for transporting toilets from one location to another. The toilets are bolted onto a trailer. The customers pick them up in our yard and bring them back after they are finished with it. They can be ordered with one or two classic or elite toilets on the trailer. These towable units are especially nice for construction companies that are repaving a road, building a gas line, or simply need a toilet on wheels to transport between locations. Another giant hurdle for the portable toilet industry to overcome has been the smell. The invention of deodorizers set up the portable toilet industry for a huge leap in being accepted in the public eye. The first deodorizers were made of formaldehyde-based chemicals that helped mask the odor. The industry has progressed to using a non-formaldehyde-based deodorizer since the older models were harder to break down in a wastewater plant. The new deodorizers also contain biocides that keep the odor-causing bacteria from multiplying, which keeps the smell down. Therefore, the toilet is also cleaner and more sanitary, since the odor-causing bacteria is eliminated.
  • Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental For Several Days
    Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental For Several Days Mar 30, 2023
    Portable toilets give you the opporutnity to provide attendees or guests with a toilet throughout your event. However, they are designed for 24 hours of use; then, they need to be sanitized and emptied. When your event runs over the 24-hour period, you want to keep the washrooms clean. More so, when your event runs long term, such as a week or even an entire season, you need to take extra steps to prevent smells, keep them sanitized, and stay up to code. No matter how long you have a portable restroom in use, you can keep it clean and fresh for weeks or months by doing the following: Utilize Cleaning Tablets – A cleaning tablet can be dropped at the bottom of a portable toilet. While the tablet will not clean it, it will keep away the odours and prevent germs from spreading inside your portable bathroom. Also, it gives the scent of freshness, which encourages people to use your portable toilets. Stock Supplies – To keep your portable toilet in operation, you need to ensure it is well stocked. That means keeping an eye on toilet paper, hand sanitizer levels, and air freshener. Give Them Air – Portable toilets need air to refresh. If you can, leave the door open and give it some air, because being closed and in the sunlight can make odours worse than they really are. Use air freshener, cleaning tablets, and keep the doors open when you can to keep smells at bay. Try to find a time when your potable toilets are not in use so that you can air them out appropriately. Sanitize the Vulnerable Points – One of the most overlooked portable toilet maintenance tips is sanitizing the most touched points. Certain areas of the toilet are used more than others; therefore, you want to sanitize these areas. Naturally, the company you used for your porta potty rental in Cold Lake should clean and sanitize, but you can follow up too by cleaning handles, dispensers, and toilet paper holders. Keeping your portable toilet up to par and making sure that you have adequate restrooms for your guests is not easy. Luckily, when you follow these portable toilet maintenance tips and combine them with a pumping service regularly, you have toilets that are ready to use no matter how long you have them out.

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