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Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental For Several Days
Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental For Several Days Mar 30, 2023

Portable toilets give you the opporutnity to provide attendees or guests with a toilet throughout your event. However, they are designed for 24 hours of use; then, they need to be sanitized and emptied.


When your event runs over the 24-hour period, you want to keep the washrooms clean. More so, when your event runs long term, such as a week or even an entire season, you need to take extra steps to prevent smells, keep them sanitized, and stay up to code.


No matter how long you have a portable restroom in use, you can keep it clean and fresh for weeks or months by doing the following:


Utilize Cleaning Tablets – A cleaning tablet can be dropped at the bottom of a portable toilet. While the tablet will not clean it, it will keep away the odours and prevent germs from spreading inside your portable bathroom. Also, it gives the scent of freshness, which encourages people to use your portable toilets.


Stock Supplies – To keep your portable toilet in operation, you need to ensure it is well stocked. That means keeping an eye on toilet paper, hand sanitizer levels, and air freshener.


Give Them Air – Portable toilets need air to refresh. If you can, leave the door open and give it some air, because being closed and in the sunlight can make odours worse than they really are. Use air freshener, cleaning tablets, and keep the doors open when you can to keep smells at bay. Try to find a time when your potable toilets are not in use so that you can air them out appropriately.


Sanitize the Vulnerable Points – One of the most overlooked portable toilet maintenance tips is sanitizing the most touched points. Certain areas of the toilet are used more than others; therefore, you want to sanitize these areas. Naturally, the company you used for your porta potty rental in Cold Lake should clean and sanitize, but you can follow up too by cleaning handles, dispensers, and toilet paper holders.


Keeping your portable toilet up to par and making sure that you have adequate restrooms for your guests is not easy. Luckily, when you follow these portable toilet maintenance tips and combine them with a pumping service regularly, you have toilets that are ready to use no matter how long you have them out.

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