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  • Fascinating Portable Toilet Facts
    Fascinating Portable Toilet Facts Nov 17, 2022
    Is it possible for portable toilets to be fascinating? We think so. While it is true that many people don't have much respect for portable toilets, we, at Topindus, are confronting stereotypes by producing portable toilets that are neat and clean. All of our models have hand sanitizer. Before you decide that clean should not be used to describe portable toilets, go check out our portable toilets. With 24% more floor space than our classic toilets, they add a touch of class with an on-board water supply, soap, paper towels, and a sink for clean hands. Also, take a look at our luxury restroom trailer with heat, A/C, and running water for your elegant party or wedding. You'll be impressed! Since we are so intrigued by portable toilets, we've dug into the history and current global statistics of these portable units. If you are a person with a love-hate relationship with portable toilets, their history will show you the benefits of them. We also provide a tip for you on how to choose the cleanest toilet within a row of toilets. Here are the fascinating facts about portable toilets that we have chosen just for you: 1. The Portable Toilet Industry Began For Shipyard Employees In The 1940s The portable toilet story begins during World War II, when the owners of the shipyards in Long Beach, New Jersey, realized that the employees were losing a lot of valuable work time in the long trek from the ships back to the docks to answer nature's call. According to the Minneapolis Porta Potty Pros, they decided to construct small, portable cubicles that were made with wood or metal and contained a small holding tank. As a result, workers were happier and more productive, and this invention marked the start of the portable toilet industry. 2. Portable Toilets Have Many Different Names The following are a few examples: Portable restroom (our preferred term) Porta potty Porta-john Honey bucket WC (water closet; used in Europe) Porta-loo Johnny-on-the-spot Jon 3. How The Industry Has Evolved To Meet The Customer's Needs And Wants The portable toilet industry started as a solution to a problem on ships and has now grown and evolved into something much broader. Portable toilets started out as structures made of wood and metal. This made them incredibly heavy and extremely difficult to empty once the ships docked. Eventually, they began to use lighter building materials, which made them a lot easier to clean. One of the ways that we are evolving to match the needs of our customers is our units. These are on specifically-designed trailers for One of the ways that we are evolving to match the needs of our customers is our trailer toilet units. These are on specifically-designed trailers for transporting toilets from one location to another. The toilets are bolted onto a trailer. The customers pick them up in our yard and bring them back after they are finished with it. They can be ordered with one or two classic or elite toilets on the trailer. These towable units are especially nice for construction companies that are repaving a road, building a gas line, or simply need a toilet on wheels to transport between locations. Another giant hurdle for the portable toilet industry to overcome has been the smell. The invention of deodorizers set up the portable toilet industry for a huge leap in being accepted in the public eye. The first deodorizers were made of formaldehyde-based chemicals that helped mask the odor. The industry has progressed to using a non-formaldehyde-based deodorizer since the older models were harder to break down in a wastewater plant. The new deodorizers also contain biocides that keep the odor-causing bacteria from multiplying, which keeps the smell down. Therefore, the toilet is also cleaner and more sanitary, since the odor-causing bacteria is eliminated.

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