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  • Portable Toilet VS Restroom Trailer
    Portable Toilet VS Restroom Trailer Nov 14, 2022
    If you are setting up a construction site, hosting a special event, planning a festival, or other types of outdoor events, providing access to the necessary facilities is an important consideration. Many people choose place based on access to restrooms and hand washing, but this is not always feasible at venues such as a construction site, park, or other specific place that you want to use for your special occassion. Luckily, you can work with a supplier to have portable toilets or restroom trailers brought to your place. Here are some ideas to help you decide the best option. When your place lacks adequate indoor restrooms for employees or guests, you can choose between portable toilets and restroom trailers. A portable toilet, commonly known as a porta potty, is a very rudimentary structure made of plastic that houses a chemical or flushable toilet. With this type of design, the small, plastic structure serves as the stall for the toilet. Some porta potties have plastic urinals next to the toilet. Portable restroom rentals have better aesthetics than porta potties, as well as more amenities, such as individual stalls, climate controls, flush toilets, sinks with running water, and vanities with mirrors. The trailers offer convenience, as well as many of the features that are found in household and public restrooms. With a portable toilet, a holding tank is located just below the seat of the toilet, and chemicals are used to control odors, reduce bacteria growth, and break down waste. A portable restroom trailer has a flushable toilet to move waste to a holding tank that is located outside of the trailer. Typical Uses for a Portable Toilet Rental Portable toilet rentals are typically used for sites where aesthetics is not important and only basic comfort is required, such as construction sites, roadside stops on highways, and public parks that are away from standard plumbing and electrical lines. Many people also use a portable toilet for large events to provide attendees with a facility for using the restroom. Typical Uses for a Restroom Trailer Rental a restroom trailer is ideal for outdoor venues where comfort, convenience, and aesthetics are important, such as a wedding, festival, family reunion, employee retreat, or customer appreciation event. A restroom trailer rental helps your guests feel at ease when using the facilities, and you can find luxury portable restroom trailers with more than one stall to accommodate the total number of people at your event. Advantages of Using a Portable Toilet The primary advantages of a small, portable toilet are budget and space. The units are typically very affordable and have footprints that easily fit into venues that are limited on space. You can line them up side-by-side to prevent long lines. Disadvantages of a Portable Toilet The primary disadvantage of porta johns is that they are much harder to keep clean. Even if your guests or employees exercise caution, accidents do happen. The interior of a portable toilet can become stained and filled with dirty toilet paper. This allows for people to be exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is especially true for portable toilets that don't include a sink or a way to hook up hoses for running water. Another disadvantage of a portable toilet is that it's harder to keep the holding tank's odor in check, especially on warm days: It needs more maintenance to be kept clean and hygienic. Ventilation in a porta john relies on air coming through small openings in the door and sides of the structure. Porta potties also have no electricity for interior lighting or outlets. Advantages of Using a Restroom Trailer Luxury portable restrooms provide all the comfort that you need for your guests or employees, from small gatherings to large events. The interior of a restroom trailer has stalls with flushable toilets, sinks, running water for hand washing, air conditioning and heating, and paper products. If you are having a multi-day event in a remote area, you can even find restroom trailers with showers, as well as trailers for hand washing. ADA compliance is another advantage of luxury restroom trailers. Vendors offer luxury restroom trailers for people with limited mobility that have exterior ramps, open interior spaces, grip bars, and lower vanities for guests and employees who are in wheelchairs or have limited mobility. Disadvantages of a Restroom Trailer If you are looking for toilet rental options based solely on budget and space, restroom trailers do have some disadvantages. Compared to a standard porta john, a full-service restroom trailer may cost more. Additionally, offering a restroom trailer rental for your guests and employees to use during your event does require more space than a standard portable toilet. Do You Need a Portable Toilet or Restroom Trailer? When you are deciding between a portable john and a mobile restroom trailer, you should look at the issue from the perspective of your guests or employees. Weddings, family reunions, employee events, customer events, and other outdoor events where you want to impress people and give them the utmost comfort are probably best served with luxury restroom trailers. A portable toilet is better for situations in which you just need to provide a very basic facility, such as construction sites and roadside stops during races. When it comes to a large event, you should consider your budget and the amount of space at the venue. The supplier can help you decide if you have room for a portable restroom trailer or just a few portable johns. How to Select the Right Type and Size of Portable Toilet In order to avoid long lines of people waiting to use the restroom facilities at your event, you should plan to have at least one porta potty for every 100 people. If you are serving alcohol, add some extra porta potty rentals. You may also want to have separate mobile restrooms for men and women. The stall design is the same for each, but many units have urinals in the men’s section. Additionally, most women simply feel more comfortable when they know that a porta potty has only been used by people of the same gender. How to Select the Right Type and Size of Restroom Trailer Because restroom trailers offer more than just toilets for your guests and employees, you need to have more available at your outdoor venue. A good guideline to determine your rental needs is to have one toilet stall per 25 people. You may also want to have a sink trailer onsite for people who just need to freshen up and wash their hands, but not use the bathroom. This helps to prevent long lines at large gatherings and events. If the duration of your event covers two days or longer, include at least one shower trailer in your plans for restroom rentals. Amenities in Each Type of Trailer Luxury restroom trailers come with many standard amenities, such as sinks, running hot and cold water, hand sanitizer, toilet paper dispensers, paper towels, soap, climate control, deodorizers, and interior lighting. In addition to the standard amenities, you can find portable luxury restrooms with other features. For men, you can rent a portable restroom trailer with stall toilets and urinals. Bunk trailers are the ultimate in luxury for your guests and workers at remote job sites. These include private entries, sleeping areas, and televisions. Using bunk trailers and shower trailers is a great combination for situations that require people to remain onsite for extended periods, such as disaster relief efforts, multi-day sports events, and more. If I have a small outdoor venue, is a portable toilet my only option? You can find smaller luxury restroom trailers that fit well into any setting. The trailers have two toilet stalls, two sinks, and one urinal. In comparison, two portable toilets would take up about the same space when you consider the room needed outside for people to wait in line. How easy is it to clean a portable toilet compared to a restroom trailer? Due to the cramped interior space and lack of amenities inside a porta potty, these facilities often get dirty pretty fast. Cleaning the interior requires using hoses to rinse it down with water. With a luxury portable restroom trailer, interiors tend to stay cleaner because people have access to trash bins. You can clean the interior much the same way that you clean at home. The vendor may also include routine cleaning during your event as part of the service. Is a portable toilet or luxury restroom trailer easier to set up on site? Portable toilets require a few inches of space between each unit, and the ground must be level. Otherwise, you risk spilling the contents of the holding tanks. Luxury restroom trailers can fit into just about any space, and you get multiple toilets within the footprint. Additionally, the trailer has adjustments to level the unit, so you don’t have to level out the ground. If you would like more information to help you decide if a portable toilet or restroom trailer is best for your worksite or outdoor event, submit a quote inquiry, or you can browse to learn more about our products and services. Or, contact us to get answers to your specific questions.
  • What Is a Chemical Toilet?
    What Is a Chemical Toilet? Nov 30, 2022
    If you have attended a large outdoor event, you may have seen a porta potty bank or a sitting of portable toilets, which is an arrangement of many portable toilets. A chemical toilet is a portable toilet that collects human waste in a reusable holding tank and relies on chemicals to reduce the foul odor. It uses a small holding tank that requires regular emptying once full of human excreta, usually pumped into a treatment plant or a sanitary sewer. In this article, we cover some of the essential aspects of chemical toilets, like where they are used, how much they cost, and what their advantages are. What are the Advantages of Chemical Toilets? Despite their extensive usage of environmentally harsh chemicals, chemical toilets have several advantages. Let's cover some of these benefits below. Portability Perhaps portability is the number one great win for chemical toilets. Their portability owes to the fact that they are not connected to any plumbing system. It's also attributable to their lightweight nature, making it easy to lift them around and install them anywhere outdoors. Restroom trailers, also known as luxury restroom trailers or portable restrooms, are advanced chemical toilets with enhanced portability and other luxury features. They are mounted on trailer platforms with wheels and can be pulled by a vehicle, making moving them more manageable. Self-containment Although not all chemical toilets are self-contained, most modern models come with a toilet seat, urinal, toilet tissue compartment, hand wash sink, mirrors, exterior and interior lighting, soap dispenser, and flushing mechanism. Such comprehensively stocked chemical portable toilets offer users an all-in-one service whenever they need to answer the call of nature in outdoor gatherings. Ease of Use and Cleaning A chemical mobile toilet is easy to use, just like the standard indoor toilet unit. The toilet bowl and urinal guide the waste matter, toilet paper, and urine into the waste holding tank, where the human waste collects until the tank is full and ready for emptying and replacement. The cleaning process for the portable toilet facility is easy. The chemical additives act as a deodorizer to minimize the unpleasant odours caused by multiplying bacteria. The toilet additives also act as disinfectants. Since the full holding tanks are emptied into a vacuum truck, cleaning them is easy once they are rid of the human waste. What's more, you don't have to worry about the cleaning because most chemical toilet renting companies offer waste disposal and cleaning services.
  • Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental For Several Days
    Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental For Several Days Mar 30, 2023
    Portable toilets give you the opporutnity to provide attendees or guests with a toilet throughout your event. However, they are designed for 24 hours of use; then, they need to be sanitized and emptied. When your event runs over the 24-hour period, you want to keep the washrooms clean. More so, when your event runs long term, such as a week or even an entire season, you need to take extra steps to prevent smells, keep them sanitized, and stay up to code. No matter how long you have a portable restroom in use, you can keep it clean and fresh for weeks or months by doing the following: Utilize Cleaning Tablets – A cleaning tablet can be dropped at the bottom of a portable toilet. While the tablet will not clean it, it will keep away the odours and prevent germs from spreading inside your portable bathroom. Also, it gives the scent of freshness, which encourages people to use your portable toilets. Stock Supplies – To keep your portable toilet in operation, you need to ensure it is well stocked. That means keeping an eye on toilet paper, hand sanitizer levels, and air freshener. Give Them Air – Portable toilets need air to refresh. If you can, leave the door open and give it some air, because being closed and in the sunlight can make odours worse than they really are. Use air freshener, cleaning tablets, and keep the doors open when you can to keep smells at bay. Try to find a time when your potable toilets are not in use so that you can air them out appropriately. Sanitize the Vulnerable Points – One of the most overlooked portable toilet maintenance tips is sanitizing the most touched points. Certain areas of the toilet are used more than others; therefore, you want to sanitize these areas. Naturally, the company you used for your porta potty rental in Cold Lake should clean and sanitize, but you can follow up too by cleaning handles, dispensers, and toilet paper holders. Keeping your portable toilet up to par and making sure that you have adequate restrooms for your guests is not easy. Luckily, when you follow these portable toilet maintenance tips and combine them with a pumping service regularly, you have toilets that are ready to use no matter how long you have them out.
    When Porta Potties are serviced the waste is removed, odor neutralizing blue liquid is re-added to the tanks, and supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer are stocked. That’s how they’re serviced, but the question remains, how often does a portable toilet need to be pumped out? The general rule of thumb for porta potties in consistent locations (like those on construction sites and at parks) is that they should be pumped out once a week. However, there are a few factors that can influence how often a portable toilet should be serviced. High Traffic High traffic restrooms may need to be serviced more frequently, while lower traffic restrooms may be able to go longer without being pumped. Depending on how many people are using the porta potties, they may need to be pumped as much as three or four times a week to keep them in good working order. Remember, your service schedule can typically be modified as needed if the original agreement isn’t working out as planned. The risk of not getting them serviced often enough is that they can fill up. Then they’ll start to smell foul enough that people will be discouraged from using them. This can cause subsequent issues because people will need to leave to use the facilities. Or, they’ll just resort to going somewhere on the premises. The Overall Number of Units In areas where there are fewer portable toilets, those units will need to be pumped out more frequently. If you don’t want to have them serviced as frequently, you can rent additional units to spread out usage. Remember, you should have one portable toilet for every 10 full-time construction employees (assuming each worker is on the job 40 hours per week). Or, you should have two portable toilets for every 50 guests at a 6 to 10-hour event. Having fewer than this can require that the units be emptied more frequently. High Temperatures Keep in mind that the weather can also affect how often portable toilets need to be pumped out. The hotter the temperatures are, the more likely waste is to start smelling. This will require that you get the units pumped out more frequently. Porta potties being used in colder climates or during winter months should not need to be emptied quite as often. Here the weather works in their favor. So, how often does a portable toilet need to be pumped out? The answer is, it depends on whos’ using them, how many you have, and what the conditions look like. If you have any questions, consult with Topindus Group. For advice on how often your units should be cleaned out. Are you renting other sanitary add-ons like portable sinks or hand sanitizer stations? If so, you’ll want to determine a schedule that fits to have those restocked as well.
  • What's the Life Cycle of a Porta Potty?
    What's the Life Cycle of a Porta Potty? Jul 17, 2023
    The average lifespan of a porta potty is around 10 years, and a lot can happen in that decade. There are many types of portable toilets and they’ve come a long way since the first porta potty models. Just a few include luxury trailers, toilets with baby changing tables, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant toilets, and more. Some units (trailers, for example) are built for custom purposes with a limited lifespan. But the vast majority are durable polyethylene units that are made to stand up to years of use. So, what’s the life cycle of a porta potty? Stages: the life cycle of a porta potty Heavy-duty plastic construction and water-saving technology means porta potties only need to be serviced every 200 uses or so. These stages are a general rule of thumb. The number of people using the unit and the amount of time it spends being hauled from location to location can put extra wear on units over time. New from factory When these sparkling clean units come off the factory floor, they’re generally reserved for special events. Brand new units will usually feature the latest technologies. For example, new solar panel restrooms look and feel more like a regular restroom rather than a traditional porta potty. New units are more expensive for porta potty vendors to purchase, so they may be in limited supply. This largely depends on your location. In rural areas or areas where there isn’t much demand for portable toilets, it may be more difficult to find brand new units. On the other hand, there are events vendors that specialize in upscale events. They’ll have access to the newest event porta potty models and features, and they may be willing to deliver outside their normal service area. Light wear New toilets can be like new cars. When newer models and technologies are released, older units move down a tier. No longer new, but not yet old, these “light wear” porta potties are often used at events and construction sites. They may not be the latest and greatest, but these are clean units in good repair. This is the most common grade of portable toilet you’ll see on worksites and events where many toilets are needed. Fun runs, festivals, and events where large crowds are gathered will likely have many rows of these toilets available. Moderate wear If you’ve ever stepped into a portable toilet that has seen better days, maybe at a carnival or state fair, then you’ve been inside a unit that’s reached the midpoint of its life cycle. These units are still clean and functional, but they probably show signs of having been hauled around a lot and maybe even tipped, dragged, dented, or tagged here and there. Scratches and dents are pretty typical. And they probably look pretty dated as well. You will definitely find these on many construction sites. Demolition sites, in particular, may opt for these older porta potties because it won’t be a complete loss if the unit is damaged or unintentionally destroyed. While these units are still sanitary and safe to use, they may not be great to look at. (Luckily polyethylene doesn’t hold odors, so they shouldn’t smell!) Heavy wear The last stage of the game for porta potties is when they’ve had so much wear and tear that they need to be replaced. This may include damage caused by accidents or general wear and tear. The plastics and parts used in porta potty manufacturing are designed to last longer than their typical 10-year life cycle, but after a decade most portable toilets do show their age. Especially if they’ve been dragged around construction sites. Restroom trailers and custom units that don’t get a lot of use each year could last much longer than a decade. But for everyday porta potties, all the moving around and servicing will add up to more wear in a shorter amount of time. Toilets at the end of their life cycle may be resold to private parties or dismantled to be properly destroyed. So, where will your rental fall in the life cycle of a porta potty? When you’re purchasing portable toilets for events, construction sites, emergency use, or even home improvement DIY projects, it will almost always be in the light to moderate wear category. That may vary by location and demand at the time. When in doubt, give us a call! Topindus will help you find the right portable toilets for your project.
    The most common construction material for Porta Potties is polyurethane plastic. This material is preferred because it’s easy to make and clean. Some manufacturers create their portable bathrooms with HPDE, a recyclable material and environmentally friendly. Although different manufacturers might have slightly varying steps for making their portable restrooms, here is the baseline guide. The process starts with heating the plastic pellets until they melt. Additives like colorants and UV protectants are mixed into the plastic The resulting material is put through rollers which press it into sheets that are cut to a specific length and width At this point, the plastic sheet could be reheated and put into a mold to be vacuum pressed for some time. This creates the panel units. Other parts of the Porta Potties, like the cleats and toilet paper dispensers, can be created utilizing CNC machines or injection molding. Holes are drilled into the panels, and the units are assembled in the desired form. The newly created portable restrooms are inspected, clean, and prepared for shipping to the market.
  • How Are Portable Toilets Emptied?
    How Are Portable Toilets Emptied? Aug 07, 2023
    To empty the waste in the portable toilet, sanitation technicians use a vacuum-like hose into the hole of the toilet. The other end is attached to a hose pump and the waste goes into the truck there. The truck will take the waste to a water treatment plant to be treated from there. After the waste is removed, the technicians ‘charge’ the toilet, which means they put several gallons of blue liquid into the toilet. This is a disinfectant and odor neutralizer, and it can also measure the usage of the porta potty, so workers know when to service it again. The portable toilet is then scrubbed because there could be footprints, mud, trash, and other items in and around the unit. The unit is scrubbed down including any windows, the toilet set, the walls, the floor, and everything in between. The disinfectant spray is used after to ensure that everything is as clean and sanitary as possible. Once things are empty and clean, the portable toilet is re-stocked. Supplies can go quickly and the paper towels, soap, hand sanitizer, and other items need to be refreshed at that time. This servicing process is an important part of keeping the portable toilets in nice working order. When you rent what you need for your event, talk to the professionals about how often the servicing process needs to take place. You will want to ensure that you get service more often if you are going to have a lot of people using the toilet. If there are only a few, servicing can be spaced out more. It’s important to get on the same page with the rental company about the services you need and when you need them. Toppla is the professional portable toilet manufacturer in China. If you need to stock the toilet for your rental company or resale the toilets in your local, pls don't hesitate to contact us.
  • How to Clean a Porta Potty Yourself
    How to Clean a Porta Potty Yourself Sep 20, 2023
    Whether it’s at a construction site, a carnival, a music festival, or otherwise, your porta potty needs to remain clean. A dirty porta potty is not only unsightly and digusting, but potentially dangerous as well. That said, you might be wondering how to clean a porta potty yourself. If so, you’re in the right place. We’re going to show you how below. How to Clean a Porta Potty Yourself There are a few different aspects involved in cleaning a porta potty. These aspects include the following: Remove Waste The cleaning should begin with a removal of the waste. The way this is done is dependent on the type of porta potty that’s being used. Some porta potties possess removable storage drums. Other porta potties require the use of a pump. If you have the former, you can just slide the drum out and empty it into a proper channel; if you have the latter, you will, indeed, need such a pump. Disinfect the Porta Potty Next, the porta potty will need to be disinfected. This includes everything from the toilet bowl to the toilet seat to the walls of the porta potty and otherwise. To facilitate this, you’ll need a high-powered (and ideally scented) disinfectant. Prepare the Porta Potty for Its Next Use Finally, you need to prepare the porta potty for its next use. This means replenishing the toilet paper, spraying some air freshener, and adding the correct chemicals to the toilet bowl. Should You Just Use a Porta Potty Cleaning Service? As you can see, it is possible to clean your porta potty on your own. But should you? Or would you better off using a professional porta potty cleaner? There are a number of benefits to using a professional. For one, you don’t have to subject yourself to the digusting and odorous substances that porta potties contain. In addition, you don’t have to experiment with any trial and error. The professionals will come in and get the job done right on the first try. There’s also the time aspect. Cleaning a porta potty on your own can set you back a few hours. Odds are, you don’t have this amount of time devote. Sure, you’ll have to spend a little money in order to utilize the services of a professional. But, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay.
  • How to Keep Workers Comfortable and Productive
    How to Keep Workers Comfortable and Productive Oct 20, 2023
    When working on remote job sites, such as construction sites, oil rigs, or mines, access to clean and functional restrooms can be limited. This can lead to discomfort and reduced productivity for workers. Renting porta potties for remote job sites is an effective solution to this problem. Here are some tips for ensuring that your workers are comfortable and productive when using porta potties on remote job sites: Choose the right type of porta potty: There are several types of porta potties available, including standard, deluxe, and VIP units. Consider the needs of your workers, the duration of the job, and the location of the site when choosing the right type of porta potty. Regular maintenance and cleaning: Porta potties can get dirty and smelly quickly, so it’s important to have a schedule for regular maintenance and cleaning. This will help ensure that the units are always clean and functional for workers. Provide hand washing stations: To promote good hygiene and sanitation, provide hand washing stations near the porta potties. Have enough units: Make sure to rent enough porta potties for the number of workers on the job site. This will help prevent long lines and wait times, and ensure that workers can use the restroom when they need to. By following these tips, you can ensure that your workers are comfortable and productive when using porta potties on remote job sites. Renting porta potties for remote job sites is an effective way to provide access to clean and functional restrooms for workers.

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