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  • Frame Tent vs Pole Tent
    Frame Tent vs Pole Tent May 16, 2023
    Frame tents are more expensive, but they’re also more durable and offer more stability in windy conditions. Pole tents are less expensive and easier to set up, but they’re not as sturdy and can be more difficult to keep in place in windy weather. But there is a lot more to it than that. In this article, we’re going to discuss the differences between these two types of tents. Whichever type of tent you choose, make sure you take the time to set it up properly so your event goes off without a hitch. Types of commercial tents There are two main types of commercial tents: frame tents and pole tents. Frame tents are supported by an aluminum or steel frame, and they don’t require stakes or Guy lines to be set up. Pole tents, on the other hand, are supported by wooden or aluminum poles, and they need to be staked or guyed into place. Frame tents are more expensive than pole tents, but they’re also more versatile and easier to set up. Pole tents are more traditional and have a more ‘rustic’ look, so they’re often chosen for weddings and other special events. Both types of tents have their own advantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. The pole tent The pole tent preceded the frame tent in terms of the period of the invention. It is one of the earliest forms of commercial tents available. The key structural difference between a frame tent and a pole tent is how they carry out their load-bearing. A pole tent has one or more internal center tent poles that assist in load-bearing. Think of these poles as the columns you see in a brick-and-mortar building. Appearance Because of the center poles, a traditional pole tent tends to have the appearance of peaks and when you walk inside the commercial tent you will find center poles sprinkled throughout the tent. Pole tents have a graceful look that makes them ideal for weddings. pole tents differ in style Set up Because of the structure of the pole tent, its stability can only be fully realized if stakes are driven through the vertical poles and into the ground. A pole tent cannot safely bear its load without this additional anchoring. Now, as we had mentioned before, the primary advantage of commercial tents is that they should leave a very small footprint on the venue in which they have been set up. Since pole tents require staking it means that they can only be set up in venues that have grass on them. Stability The stability of a pole tent as a commercial tent is highly dependent on the additional anchoring that you get by staking it to the ground. There is a significant disadvantage to this because during very heavy rainfall the ground will become saturated with water and the stakes will definitely come loose. So a pole tent would not be our first choice if you expect very heavy rainfall. Pole tents should also not be used on hard surfaces like concrete or paving. Even if the weather is good and we do not require staking, the pole tent is inherently unstable without this additional anchoring the tent can tip over under the force of strong winds. Frame tents The frame tent is a type of commercial tent that does its entire load-bearing on the vertical poles that run along the circumference of the tent. Think of the vertical poles as a sort of exoskeleton. In this type of commercial tent, there is no need for internal or center poles for additional load-bearing support. Appearance The frame tents tend to have a more geometric shape because of their design. As commercial tents, they are ideal for more formal occasions such as trade shows. The benefit of not having internal central poles is that there is a clear line of sight from any corner of the tent to the front of the tent. There are no obstructions from any point of the tent which makes this commercial tent ideal for events such as weddings so that all your guests can have a clear view and don’t have to crane their necks around central poles. The frame tent is an ideal commercial and party tent because it offers optimal space usage. With a clear open and unobstructed space, you can make the most of a small tent rather than hiring a larger pole tent to compensate for the obstructions caused by the central poles. Set up The process of setting up a frame tent is simpler and faster than that of setting up a pole tent. If the design is a high-peak frame tent, it may be more difficult. The design of this commercial tent is more modern and modular. The tents are available in standard sizes that can be quickly and easily joined together to make a larger space as the situation requires. Frame tents do not require additional stakes into the ground for stability. They are very safe and can withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall. They can also be set up on any kind of surface whether it is soft or hard without doing any damage to the surface because as we just mentioned they do not require staking. So this type of commercial tent leaves you with more options when it comes to venues. You are not restricted to soft surfaces as is the case with pole tents. The frame tent is more versatile as a commercial tent than a pole tent. But surprisingly, the pole tent still remains very popular because it is far more aesthetically pleasing than the frame tent. You will find the pole tent in functions like weddings because of its beautiful and graceful curves and peaks. Center pole tents are especially considered for big events because it fits those party tent styles. If you’re not sure which type of tent is right for you, contact Topindus group. We’ll be happy to walk you through the pros and cons of each type of tent, especially frame tent vs pole tent, and help you choose the perfect option for your needs.
  • Best Types of tents for Outdoor Weddings
    Best Types of tents for Outdoor Weddings Apr 07, 2023
    Wedding planning is such an exciting experience. There are so many things to consider––all of the details, both big and small, matter. If you are planning to host an outdoor wedding, there are many technicalities to consider. Some important details you’ll need to make decisions about include what types of food and drink to serve guests, how to arrange tables and chairs, and how to weatherproof your event. One way you can weatherproof your event is by renting a tent for your special day. Tents offer both an indoor and outdoor experience. One of the best parts of an event in a tent is that no matter what the weather is, you and your guests are protected. Tents are versatile in every way, and can easily be customized. For weddings, there are three types of tents that are best suited for any kind of ceremony and reception. Clear top tents If it’s not clear from the name alone, clear top tents let in the most natural light. The poles hold up a sheer top, allowing guests to sit in the sunshine or under the stars. During the day, especially if it’s sunny, additional lighting probably won’t be needed since the sun can filter through the sheer top. At night, the clear top reflects the light from within the tent, creating a magical oasis, perfect for any reception. If you’re looking for a location that aligns with a natural or earthy wedding theme, a clear top tent might be right for you. Century pole tents One of the more classical types of tents is the century pole tent. With three high peaks, century pole tents are impressive and graceful. The peaks seem to defy gravity and are beautiful to look at from both inside and out. The impressive height of the peaks creates a sense of space within the tent, expanding it and adding a sense of grandeur. Century pole tents are a great option for weddings with more traditional design and decor. Sailcloth tents If clear top and century pole tents aren’t your style, then you may want to consider sailcloth tents. A lightweight canvas that is translucent makes up the tent, allowing natural light to trickle in through the top, supplementing any other lighting and brightening the tent. Like century pole and clear top tents, sailcloth tents are extremely versatile. For a wedding with a rustic, whimsical or vintage aesthetic, a sailcloth tent would be a great complement to the decor.
  • How Do You Decorate A Tent For A Wedding?
    How Do You Decorate A Tent For A Wedding? Mar 13, 2023
    Luxurious Wedding Tents That WOW A wedding outdoor tent screams luxury when the décor is meticulous and paired to perfection with gold touches. Dig in with gold chandeliers, lanterns, and strings lights to offer enclosure and intimacy. Go the whole nine yards with dramatic ceiling installations, draperies, and candles to transform your space into a unique setting. Set the entryway of your tent for the wedding with a water fountain and steel arch to create that luxurious feel. Lights can also hang over the arch or porch for amazing effects. If you want to add some glam to your wedding, employ chair sashes, gold place cards, napkins, and flatware. Throw in some blue, ivory, and grey centerpieces, candles, holders, and hanging installations. Elegant Wedding Reception Under Big Tent To bring a big wedding tent to life, maximize space with a vibrant yet natural color palette. Make your reception venue whimsical by hanging an assortment of floral garland overhead. To impress some vibrant mood and dimension, incorporate fabrics and twinkle lights all over the tent. Tea lights, candles, Edison bulbs, twinkles, and varying lengths of candles can change the game. Now, add some color and fun by draping many traditional ribbons around the beams. Then you can create an ethereal focal point with a wall of flowers in this “wall-less” venue. This floral wall can also serve as a backdrop for swoon-worthy photos. For a large wedding tent, throw in some tonal paper lanterns, garland-rimmed chandeliers, and tall trees to dazzle your guests. Unforgettable Bohemian Wedding Celebrations Under Tents The bohemian couple wants whimsical and nature-inspired accents in their outdoor wedding tent. So, hang a floral installation or a floral arch across your reception and head table. You can incorporate blooms, succulents, feathers, and greenery for the perfect mix to draw the eye up. Consider chandeliers, drapes, and above all, a clear tent wedding reception. The wild spirit associated with clear tents will suit a wanderlust spirit as the open sides will blend whit the décor. Stun everyone with draped pillars of flowers, desert-hued rugs, brass accents, feathers, vines, and foliage at the entrance. Opt for high centerpieces with textured balloon lights to create a cozy ambiance. Keep everything else simple in an array of colors that suit your palette. Lovely Rustic Receptions Under Wedding Tent For an unforgettable rustic touch, replicate the outdoors in your wedding tent with birch and lanterns. Use the trees as beams for support while leaving the paper lanterns hanging. Upgrade your crystal chandeliers into a jaw-dropping beauty by wrapping them in trailing leaves in bed with floral halos. Take care of the floor by creating a tiled color-blocked surface. For a befitting entrance, consider a burlap or macramé entryway flanked by pots of cacti on both sides. Merge floating greenery and bare light bulbs to create a natural rustic aesthetic. Throw in some candle shelves and hanging shelf flowers to nail the look.
  • How To Replace A Tent Pole
    How To Replace A Tent Pole Feb 28, 2023
    Tent poles are pretty durable, but they can still break or bend. It might be high winds or just accidentally stepping on one. But life happens, so what do you do if you need to replace a tent pole? This will depend in large part on your tent. Some modern tents have poles that are part of a connected system, so individual poles are hard to replace. If this is the case, you will need to order a complete replacement from the manufacturer. The plus to this is that many higher quality tents come with a lifetime warranty, so they will often replace it for free. If it is just a single pole that needs to be replaced, you can use replacement kits. These are usually fiberglass, which is heavier than aluminum but is better than having to throw your tent away. You will need to measure how long your existing pole is and cut the replacements to fit this length. Since tent poles are made up of multiple pieces that slot together, it is best to cut them all to the same length. Use a super fine hacksaw blade and cut halfway through. Then rotate the pole 90-degrees and finish the cut. Be extra careful, as you don't want the fiber glass to fray and split. To reduce the chances of the fibers fraying, wrap the part of the pole you want to keep with electrical tape just below where you are going to cut. Once all the pieces are cut, then you have to run the shock cord through each pole and connect to the end cap. I like to make a loop using a bowline knot as it fits through the middle of the poles better than a larger knot will.
  • Wedding Party Tents
    Wedding Party Tents Feb 27, 2023
    A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important ceremonies in life. Different countries and regions will have different customs and color preferences for weddings. Topindus is a wedding tent manufacturer with 12 years of experience. We have designed, manufactured, and erected wedding marquees of all levels. Whether it is a large wedding tent for 1000 people or a magnificent luxury wedding tent, we have extensive practical experience. Wedding tents are flexible in size, depending entirely on the venue and the number of people. The clear span ranges from 5m to 60m, the width is virtually unlimited, and is not affected by the terrain. We offer a complete range of tent accessories. This includes clear windows, glass walls, ABS walls, glass doors, roof linings, internal curtains, flooring systems, lighting systems, chairs, tables and much more. There can also be separate dressing areas, food preparation areas, welcome areas, portable toilets, etc. Materials of Wedding Party Tents Fabric: Double PVC coated polyester fabric, which is 750-900g per sqm, waterproof, UV resistant, and fire retardant according to standard NFPA701, CFM, and DIN4102 B1/M2 Frame: Hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6, anodized surface finishing. Connections: Hot-DIP galvanized. If you want to buy party tents and more, just SEND your detailed product inquiry to our email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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