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  • Portable Restrooms To Accommodate Any Situation
    Portable Restrooms To Accommodate Any Situation Dec 19, 2022
    There are luxury portable toilets, and then there are Topindus Portable Bathroom Trailers. We offer a wide variety of portable restrooms that can accommodate just about any situation where bathroom trailers are needed. SIZE IS EVERYTHING WITH PORTABLE BATHROOMS Our portable bathroom trailers were designed with space in mind. For smaller events or parties at home, a mobile restroom can fit in the most challenging of spaces, and the trailers are elegant enough so that they can be discreetly placed on site. Large events often require multiple mobile restroom trailers to avoid long lines and crowds and provide guests with easy access to the facilities. Royal Restrooms offers a variety of portable restroom trailer options to best suit the event type and restroom needs. Portable Bathroom Requirements Make sure to see our extremely convincing testimonials page. We have made a lot of people happy. For more information about our industry leading portable bathrooms and service you can request a quote and reserve a unit for your event now or call one of the phone numbers to the right to talk to someone. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Each portable bathroom trailer pulls no more than 20 amps and operates off of (1) 110-volt outlet (standard household outlet). Two for the Ten-Stall Restroom Trailer, or if the trailer has hot water. If power is not available onsite, a generator for your portable toilet trailer may be provided for an additional cost. Water may be supplied to portable toilet trailer by a regular water spigot and garden hose. If water is not available on site, onboard fresh water holding tanks will supply a limited amount of fresh water for an additional cost to the portable toilet trailer.
  • What is a Luxury Portable Toilet Trailer?
    What is a Luxury Portable Toilet Trailer? Dec 13, 2022
    Who doesn't like the look of a high-end hotel bathroom? The shimmering fixtures. The dark wood tones and glossy counter finishes. Is that level of luxury available at an outdoor event? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. On the outside, a luxury portable toilet trailer might look like an ordinary trailer. But on the inside, features like faux wood floors, gleaming faucets, solid-surface countertops, and high-end light fixtures can look more like a five-star resort. Rent them for outdoor events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate retreats, and even movie sets. Why rent a luxury portable toilet trailer? There are times when a regular porta potty isn't going to fit the look and feel of an event. Even shiny new porta potties won't hit the mark. That's where a luxury portable toilet trailer comes in. Get high-end detailing and a more polished interior. Provide more space. And have convenient features like running water and flushing toilets. (Note: You'll need water hookup nearby.) It's basically a full interior bathroom at outdoor events. (Or glamping, anyone?) Accommodate groups Luxury portable toilet trailers are available with multiple stalls (up to 10 in one trailer). Accommodate groups of people, so going to the restroom becomes an extension of the event. How many conversations are sparked in front of a bathroom sink? How many friends have conversations between stalls, or while waiting for a stall to become free? Provide a bathroom experience that's more like a traditional restroom. Room for grooming Ever tried to check your hair in a traditional porta potty? Not easy. Assuming there's even a mirror. Portable toilet trailers typically have well-lit mirrors and large counters where guests can fix their hair, re-apply makeup, and even brush their teeth if they want! Brides and bridesmaids will have extra space before and after a wedding ceremony. In fact, a restroom trailer is a perfect place to get ready for the ceremony if there are no other enclosed locations nearby. More space When was the last time you wrangled a toddler in a traditional porta potty? (Hopefully never?) Good luck with that. Most standard-sized portable toilets are cramped and hard to use with small children. They're also not ideal for people with limited mobility or those who have a hard time navigating tight spaces. Portable toilet trailers have more space for standing, moving, turning, hand washing and helping little ones use the restroom. Improved cleanliness Raise your hand if you've ever been in a porta potty with no soap or hand sanitizer. Luxury portable toilet trailers typically include full-sized sinks with running water and soap dispensers, so guests can wash up effectively. They also have countertops and hooks, so guests can safely set personal belongings aside while using the restroom. There's less risk of dropping a phone or wallet on the floor (or worse, inside a toilet!). Additional hand sanitizing stations are also available in most areas. Portable toilet trailer features The event location may play a part in whether you can rent a luxury portable toilet trailer. Water and electricity hookups are needed for most trailers. However, even remote areas like campsites usually have some kind of access to water and power. (Pro tip: Many venues and parks will even list water and power availability on their website.) At bare minimum, a restroom trailer will usually include: Flushable toilets to make the trailer feel like being in an indoor restroom. Heating and air conditioning to keep the temperature comfortable. Running water that functions like indoor sinks. Recessed lighting to provide flattering illumination and enhance safety (and no dropping your phone in the toilet!). High-end mirrors to add a luxe feel and make the space more useful for grooming. Faux wood flooring to make the restroom look and feel more permanent. Solid surface countertops that are easy to clean and provide a convenient place to store belongings. Restroom trailers come in different sizes and with different features. Some are as small as single stall units while others are large enough to accommodate separate men's and women's rooms. There are many options when it comes to portable toilets for events. Give us a call to find out the right portable toilets.
  • Prefab Home VS Shipping Container Home
    Prefab Home VS Shipping Container Home Dec 08, 2022
    You can say that a shipping container home is a type of prefab home. It is built off-site and can be transported. But there are some essential differences. The key difference, in a nutshell, is that a shipping container is not intrinsically designed to be a house. It is adopted. On the other hand, prefab homes are designed to be dwellings. This poses some important differences that we need to consider. In this article, we will make a complete comparison between the two types of homes and give you enough food for thought to make your conclusions. Prefab Home A prefabricated house that can be assembled in a factory and then shipped to the site. It’s made from pre-cut, ready-to-assemble prefab panels and other materials put together on-site as a prefab shell. The advantage over traditional construction methods is speed: it takes less time to build than conventional building techniques. A prefabrication kit may contain all the components needed for all rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Custom prefabricated homes are an excellent choice for those who want to build their own dream home. They're also a great option if you don't have the time or resources to build a custom home. You'll save money because there aren't too many parts involved. Plus, you get exactly what you want when you buy a prefabricated home. If you like something about it, you can change it later (modular homes). On top of that, you can always modify the plans to suit your specific requirements. Shipping Container Home Shipping containers have long been used as an inexpensive way to transport goods around the world. They were originally designed by shipbuilders who wanted more space onboard ships so they could store cargo without having to load bulky items into smaller spaces. In recent years, many people have taken up this idea and started using them as makeshift homes. These houses come in various sizes and shapes depending upon their intended use. Some are small enough to fit inside a standard truck while others require special trucks to move them. There are also some larger versions available. Most of these types of buildings are usually built out of steel frames covered with plywood or corrugated metal sheets. Many of these structures are modular meaning you can take pieces off and add to your structure at any point during its life cycle. This makes it easy to expand if need be. A lot of people think that shipping containers are just big boxes. However, they provide several benefits, including customizing them according to your needs. For example, you can choose between different designs, colors, and even finishes. Moreover, you can make changes whenever you feel necessary. Another benefit is that you will never run out of storage space. Since they are large, you won’t find yourself running short of space anytime soon. And lastly, they are pretty durable, though not as durable as prefab homes. Differences Between Manufactured Homes and Shipping Container Homes As mentioned, there are a lot of differences between manufactured homes and shipping container homes. Manufactured homes are typically constructed from prefab panels and modules. Shipping container homes are mostly made from steel frames covered in corrugated metal sheets. Also, most manufactured homes are permanent dwellings whereas shipping container homes are meant to be moved. Manufactured homes are generally very heavy-duty homes that are built from panel walls of composite materials. This is a big difference from the shipping containers because the latter are not as structurally durable (they are not meant to be homes by design.) On the other hand, shipping container homes are cheaper than manufactured homes. Their prices range from $10,000 to $40,000. They are portable which allows you to relocate them wherever you wish. Unlike manufactured homes, they allow you to customize them to meet your own personal preferences. It's possible to transform them into whatever type of house you desire. You can build decks over them, install windows, doors, and appliances. Either way, there are no limits when it comes to designing your own custom shipping container home.
  • Importance of Handwash Stations at Construction Sites
    Importance of Handwash Stations at Construction Sites Dec 05, 2022
    our construction crew is hard at work to make your vision a reality — but as the workers complete your project, you will also need to erect a temporary infrastructure to keep them comfortable, safe, healthy, and productive. Hand wash stations are one of the most essential components of any setup on a construction site, yet they are often no more than an afterthought. What should you know about hand wash stations at construction sites to ensure that the workers can carry their jobs out smoothly, while you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are following regulations? Why Are Handwash Stations So Important on Construction Sites? The importance of handwashing has been drilled into every single one of us in recent times, but the legal requirement to provide adequate hand wash stations on construction sites is far from new. Indeed, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has long required that construction crews be offered ample opportunity to wash their hands properly — with safe running water and soap. In addition, construction crews should be able to dry their hands with either single-use paper towels or with warm-air hand dryers. Hand washing matters on construction sites for some of the same reasons it is so crucial in every other setting, but also for some additional reasons. It goes without saying that: Construction workers need to be able to wash their hands after using a portable toilet. Construction workers need to be given access to hand wash stations before they eat, drink, or smoke. Construction workers need to be able to wash their hands before they go home. Preventing the spread of germs and maintaining personal hygiene are not the only motivating factors, here. Construction workers also routinely come into contact with hazardous materials over the course of a normal working day. Solvents, various kinds of dust, paint, coatings, mold, and other harmful substances can come into contact with a construction worker’s hands, and they all need to be washed off with running water and soap. Workers need to be able to wash their hands to protect their skin and their general health from contact with hazardous materials, as well as to prevent cross-contamination that may put the progress of the work in jeopardy. In addition, workers with small injuries such as cuts or scrapes will instantly turn to hand wash stations to clean their wounds. While hand sanitizing stations, which offer alcohol-based hand sanitizers rather than running water and soap, can be an acceptable alternative when the goal is to stop germs in their tracks, the same cannot be said for hazardous substances. This is why portable sinks are a must on construction sites. Construction sites may still wish to offer hand sanitizing stations in addition to portable handwash stations, but hand sanitizer simply cannot replace soap, water, and towels. How Many Hand Wash Stations Does a Construction Site Need? How many handwash stations should you install on your construction site? That depends on the nature of the project. In general, you require one hand wash station for every 20 employees to comply with OSHA regulations, and you will want to round that number up. That means, for instance, that a job site with 55 workers will need three handwashing stations. Should the site have regular visitors, additional handwash stations should be added to cater to their needs. What Else Should You Take Into Consideration? Hand wash stations should be easily accessible and placed wherever a construction worker might require them. They should be separate from portable toilets but located nearby. Hand wash stations should offer, in addition to running water and soap, skin cleansing agents wherever relevant, a reliable means for workers to dry their hands (disposable paper towels or air dryers), and a place to dispose of paper towels. They must also be labeled clearly. Where necessary, portable handwash stations can provide warm water as well as cold running water. In cases where workers routinely come into contact with hazardous substances or they will be working longer shifts, providing shower trailers is another option to consider. These portable showers allow workers to rid themselves of all the dust and solvents they come into contact with on the job. Are you not sure how many handwash stations you need at your construction site? Are you worried about the need to install and maintain handwash stations? You don't need to think about the technical questions when you work with Topindus.
  • What is a BHK?
    What is a BHK? Dec 03, 2022
    The BHK full form is bedroom, hall and kitchen. It is used to convey the number of rooms in a property. For example, a 2BHK means that the particular property has two bedrooms, one hall and a kitchen. A 1 BHK means that the property has one bedroom, one hall and a kitchen. 3BHK means there are three bedrooms, a hall and a single kitchen in the property. Even if there are two bathrooms/toilets, sellers may or may not advertise it that way but will definitely mention the number of bedrooms. In short, 1BHK apartment means 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen. 2BHK apartment means 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen 3BHK apartment means 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen 4BHK apartment means 4 bedrooms, hall, kitchen Note that even if the abbreviation does not include a "T" as in a toilet space, all the BHK have a bath and toilet space. Some sellers may market their property as a 3BHK apartment +2T property. In this "2T" refers to two toilets. This is to highlight the benefit of the added space in the 3 BHK.
  • How to calculate the right tent size
    How to calculate the right tent size Dec 01, 2022
    How big should a folding gazebo for 40 people be? Or for 50 people? There is a simple calculation for this! Especially for big events it is important to plan everything well to offer all visitors enough space under a protective folding gazebo. But you do not know how big your folding gazebo should be? Don't worry, we will help you! In the following paragraphs we will explain what should be considered when planning an event and how you can determine the right tent size based on the number of visitors.Let's find the answers to the following questions: How many guests are expected? How much space is available? How will the folding gazebo be used? How many people fit in a folding tent? What is the right tent size for your event? and much more How many guests are expected? How many guests will be attending your event? This is, of course, one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. Without this information you can not start planning your event. Will it be a birthday party with just a few people, a well-attended wedding or a really big event with lots of guests? Of course, there is a perfect tent solution for everything - no matter how many guests you are going to invite. How much space is available? Your folding gazebo should not be too big, neither too small, so that the space available can be used as efficiently as possible. So: Define the area available. How will the folding gazebo be used? This is another important point that needs to be considered. Do you want to cook and eat under the folding gazebo? Or do you also want to offer space for dancing? Should there be room for a band or a DJ underneath it? Questions about questions, but you should have a clear idea of how you want to use the folding gazebo, because its application possibilities are many! For this reason, don't forget to calculate space for tables and benches, a stage, a bar, a buffet or a dance floor. How many people fit in a folding tent? Once you have answered the questions above, you can easily calculate how big your folding gazebo needs to be. To calculate the space your guest will require, simply multiply the square meters per person by the number of visitors: 0.5 m2 per person standing, for example at high tables 0.5 m2 per person on a dance floor 0.8 m2 per person seated at a beer garden table set 1,2 m2 per person seated at a rectangular table 1.5 - 2 m2 per person seated at a round table 0.7 m2 per person in case of rows of chairs What is the right tent size for your event? To make it even easier for you, we have already made some calculations. Number of visitors Space required whenstanding Space required whensitting* Suitable tent size 15 7.5 m2 12 m2 3x3 m, 4x2 m, 4.5x3 m 20 10 m2 16 m2 4.5x3 m, 4x4 m 25 12,5 m2 20 m2 4,5x3 m, 4x4 m, 6x3 m, 6x4 m 30 15 m2 24 m2 4x4 m, 6x3 m, 6x4 m, 5x5 m 40 20 m2 32 m2 5x5 m, 6x4 m, 8x4 m 50 25 m2 40 m2 8x4 m and larger *In our calculation example, we have calculated the space required by guests when sitting on traditional beer garden table sets. Including seating accommodation If you want to offer your guests a place to sit, check out this short calculation example we have made with classic beer garden table sets. If several folding furniture sets are required, we recommend providing a distance of at least 50 cm between two beer garden table sets on their long sides. Here is our calculation example: A folding furniture set, consisting of a beer table measuring 220x50 cm and two beer benches measuring 220x25 cm, requires an area of about 220x200 cm. The required area results from the dimensions of the beer table, the two beer benches and the recommended minimum distance on both long sides. If necessary, do not forget the passages you should provide on the narrow sides of the beer garden table sets.
  • What Is a Chemical Toilet?
    What Is a Chemical Toilet? Nov 30, 2022
    If you have attended a large outdoor event, you may have seen a porta potty bank or a sitting of portable toilets, which is an arrangement of many portable toilets. A chemical toilet is a portable toilet that collects human waste in a reusable holding tank and relies on chemicals to reduce the foul odor. It uses a small holding tank that requires regular emptying once full of human excreta, usually pumped into a treatment plant or a sanitary sewer. In this article, we cover some of the essential aspects of chemical toilets, like where they are used, how much they cost, and what their advantages are. What are the Advantages of Chemical Toilets? Despite their extensive usage of environmentally harsh chemicals, chemical toilets have several advantages. Let's cover some of these benefits below. Portability Perhaps portability is the number one great win for chemical toilets. Their portability owes to the fact that they are not connected to any plumbing system. It's also attributable to their lightweight nature, making it easy to lift them around and install them anywhere outdoors. Restroom trailers, also known as luxury restroom trailers or portable restrooms, are advanced chemical toilets with enhanced portability and other luxury features. They are mounted on trailer platforms with wheels and can be pulled by a vehicle, making moving them more manageable. Self-containment Although not all chemical toilets are self-contained, most modern models come with a toilet seat, urinal, toilet tissue compartment, hand wash sink, mirrors, exterior and interior lighting, soap dispenser, and flushing mechanism. Such comprehensively stocked chemical portable toilets offer users an all-in-one service whenever they need to answer the call of nature in outdoor gatherings. Ease of Use and Cleaning A chemical mobile toilet is easy to use, just like the standard indoor toilet unit. The toilet bowl and urinal guide the waste matter, toilet paper, and urine into the waste holding tank, where the human waste collects until the tank is full and ready for emptying and replacement. The cleaning process for the portable toilet facility is easy. The chemical additives act as a deodorizer to minimize the unpleasant odours caused by multiplying bacteria. The toilet additives also act as disinfectants. Since the full holding tanks are emptied into a vacuum truck, cleaning them is easy once they are rid of the human waste. What's more, you don't have to worry about the cleaning because most chemical toilet renting companies offer waste disposal and cleaning services.
  • Do You Know What Is Prefab Container House
    Do You Know What Is Prefab Container House Nov 29, 2022
    A lot of questions have been raised regarding the prefab or pre-fabricated container houses. Some people call it a process of upcycling and some call it a smart move of repurposing the old shipping containers. But the most popular one has been to call the prefab container houses a new and modern way of turning the dull shipping containers into beautiful modern and lux homes. It should be mentioned that the prefab shipping containers do have the possibility to make one of the most durable and appealing container homes today in this modern era. People love shipping container homes more than traditional houses. The demand is high and this is all thanks to creativity and the ability to implement the ideas into reality. A prefabricated container home is simply the house that is being constructed off-site and then they are shipped by the experts of the company to the building site to do the finishing touches and assemble the parts for the final stage. The contractors simply have the potential of completing the last touches and then starting with the process software plumbing and the electricity and last but not least the utilities for the gas. Describing it technically we can say that the shipping container homes are prefabricated as much of the manufacturing is done off-site and then they are assembled at once. The prefabricated house may not even look modular as well because what matters the most is the final touch and the end product. What Are the Advantages of the Prefab Shipping Container Homes? Shipping container homes being prefab or not almost have the same advantages. The advantages are States as below such as: The Prefab Container Homes Are Cost-Effective When you compare the container homes to the stick-built homes you can see that the shipping container homes have the potential of saving a lot of money when it comes to the overall cost of the house. On the other hand, custom-fabricated homes are known to be affordable as well compared to traditional homes as they even offer the owners a cost-effective yet comfortable house.
  • How To Starting A Portable Toilet Business
    How To Starting A Portable Toilet Business Nov 24, 2022
    Although there may not be many of us who spend time contemplating the business of portable restrooms or porta-potties, they are a part of modern life and a very good source of income for hard-working entrepreneurs seeking financial success. Starting a portable toilet company is no easy endeavor, and careful preparation on several fronts is necessary in order to be successful. Find The Right Portable Toilet Supplier No matter where you may reside, as a portable toilet entrepreneur you can start by seeking out the best supplier for your line. When comparing portable toilet manufacturers, there are three factors that should be taken into consideration. They are: product, customer service and company intangibles. Product Obviously, the toilets themselves must meet standard criteria. The most common is the Standard Unit, which is commonly seen in construction sites. They are durable and built to specifically provide adequate ventilation and to withstand both harsh weather conditions and the chemicals used for cleaning. Enhanced Access Units are larger because they accommodate wheelchairs. Equipped with handrails and sometimes baby-changing stations, these appeal to families with small children. Restroom trailers stand apart from other types because they are meant to create a "homey" bathroom experience. Equipped with multiple stalls, urinals and showers, if this is the desired specialty, an entrepreneur must dig a bit deeper for a supplier because not all of them deal with restroom trailers. One important benefit associated with selecting a portable toilet manufacturer is the pride felt about using locally made products. A "Made in China" sticker is a warm and fuzzy welcome as well as a symbol of quality and durability. A top portable toilet manufacturer will offer porta-potties with quality parts and features some of which include: corners that are strong and can accommodate frequent handling and strapping for transport; doors that don't sag and close firmly and top-of-the-line components that include everything from the smallest pieces of toilet seat hardware to larger elements, such as unit side panels. Customer Service Whomever you purchase your portable toilets from, be sure to inquire about, and thoroughly research, their customer service performance and policies. While product certainly matters, customer satisfaction often correlates with business results, growth and sustainability. If you want to be in the business for the long haul, you want a company with a dependable track record. Those that prioritize customer service usually win in the end, and never forget; that applies to your portable toilet service business as well. Company Intangibles By definition, company intangibles cannot be physically touched. Assessing their worth is often difficult because their value is long-term and cannot be precisely delineated in the same manner as land, vehicles, equipment, and inventory. They include aspects such as: a good reputation, experience and expertise, brand recognition and intellectual property, including: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Be sure to get your portable toilet company off on the right foot from the very beginning! Do your homework and consider options carefully, and above all else. Topindus will be your most trusted portable toilets manufacturer in China.
  • What Is Standard Portable Toilet
    What Is Standard Portable Toilet Nov 24, 2022
    The standard portable toilet is the most iconic portable toilet in the industry. These portable toilets have about 12 square feet with a dimension of 43.5”x47”. They are configured with a comfortable setup and interior dimensions of 11.7 square feet or 41”x41”. The Capacity Of The Standard Portable Toilet Size The standard portable toilet has a capacity of about 200 uses. On average, one standard portable toilet is capable of serving 100 people for a single, 4-hour event. This portable toilet is great for construction sites (10 workers for a 40-hour work week), outdoor concerts, or a casual event at your home where you may not want to have people going in and out of your house (i.e. family reunions, or graduations). Best Event Types For The Standard Portable Toilet While the standard portable toilet can be used for almost any occasion, here are some of the reasons to use this style versus another. You are looking for the most economical way to offer a lot of units You are hosting a casual event You need a temporary restroom during a home remodel project It is important to remember that these restrooms do not comply with ADA standards. If you are doing any kind of public event, you must also order a Handicap unit. Also, remember these standard units do not have a handwashing station, so if you need a sink, you may want to consider an elite unit or adding a handwashing station.
  • Do You Know Detachable Container House?
    Do You Know Detachable Container House? Nov 23, 2022
    Detchable container house is also known as quick installation and disassembly container house. It is a new type of movable house with standard structure. After the entire house is transported to the construction site, there is no need to weld at all, and it is fast and convenient to connect with screws. Various houses can be combined to realize multiple functions. In addition, the quick detachable container house is more environment friendly and energy saving, there will be no construction waste, and the materials can be recycled. Feeker detachable container house can be made in various colors and then decorated. The initial completion of our detachable container house is same as ordinary living house in appearance. Advantages of detchable container house 1. Environmental,no waste produced during assemble,no trash under construction.2. Sturdy and durable.It consists of steel structure and good for anti-seismic and anti-deformation.3. Good sealing performance.Strict manufacturing technique to make it with good waterproof ability.4. Easy for assembly and Dismantle.It is fireproof and anti corrosion.Its lifespan is 20 years.5. Convenience for transportation.Especially suitable for the builder who need to change the project site frequently.6. Various functions with various styles.Such as office,meeting room,dormitory,apartment,living room,kitchen,bathroom etc.7. Many modular units can be stacked and linked together to create more space. All the frame profiles of quick detachable container house are rolled and formed by hot-dip galvanized steel, which has good resistance to bending and compression. There are 4 supporting stand column, and 4 beams on the upper roof and 4 beams on the floor. The wallboards are double-sided color steel plate with middle rock wool or foam insulation layer. The main difference between the flat pack container house and the detachable container house is the degree of integration. Each component of the quick detachable container house needs to be assembled after receiving. The flat pack container house is more easy to install because the roof and floor is made in the factory. In addition, there is no need to hoist the detachable container house, while the flat pack container house needs to be hoisted.
  • Portable Tents For Travelers
    Portable Tents For Travelers Nov 22, 2022
    Here's a list of portable tents that are best suitable for all kinds of travelers, be it solo, or with family, or even with an entire car. 1. Basic Ridge Tent This is the stereotype of all tents. With two poles holding the fabric at the ends, and a cross pole called a ridge holding the roof, giving it a tent shape. The material used is a lightweight nylon which makes it easy for backpackers to carry. These tents are stable and best used for sleeping purpose. These tents are best used by 1-2 travelers. 2. Dome Tent This bubble-shaped tent is named so due to its dome-like structure. This tent comes with three or four hoops crossing in the middle to give the dome shape. They are perfect for camping with families and groups. Made generally of lightweight material, these free-standing tents are pretty sturdy as the shape helps them to withstand even strong winds. They are best used when going hiking or camping with the family. 3. Hoop Tent This tent is one of the highly compact and lightweight tents available today. This tent has a single hoop at the entrance, and an upright pole holding up the tent at the other end. Pegs need to be staked such that we get optimum pitching, and guy ropes are tied to the pegs. Having no ridge pole is beneficial as it takes up less space, but it provides no shield from wind, if not staked well. These tents are used mostly by hill climbers, who walk for long distances before setting up camp. 4. Pop-up Tent For first-timers, pop-up tents are the best as they are fast and convenient to set up. Being light in weight, it is best for overnight accomodation, where travelers wish to save as much time as they can. The tent is as its name suggests, it pops up to its shape on its own. It is advisable to secure it with guy ropes in order to deal with unpredictable changes in weather conditions. These tents will be perfect for music festival campers. 5. Tunnel Tent As the name suggests, this tent is in the shape of a tunnel. The tent has two or more hoops running across its length, giving it the aforementioned shape. These tents don't have a fixed front end, and they are pretty sturdy if pitched end on into the wind. Although, these tents might not be of much help in case of side winds. For large families going for camping, tunnel tents are the best. 6. Cabin Tent These tents were designed for those camping with their cars, as the they can accomodate the car inside them. The material is a little heavier than others, which makes them more durable. The tent must be staked properly in order to prevent sagging of the material. 7. Inflatable Tent As the name suggests, this tent inflates up at the flick of a switch. While these tents are heavy and expensive, they save a lot of time. All that is needed to set up camp with this tent, is to peg the four corners firmly, and switch on the compressor. The tent will erect itself within minutes. 8. Frame Tent These tents use the basic rigid poles, along with angles joints. They offer a good amount of space, along with stability when erected properly. The only disadvantage being that these tents can be heavier and time consuming for setup. Since the poles are generally made of steel, these tents are useful for long term tent erection. 9. Tarp Tent These tents are single walled, with built-in floor and net protection against bugs, They are easy to set up and are light to carry for backpackers. Solo travelers can opt for these tents. 10. Bell Tent A very simple structure, this tent is supported by a single pole and the material is cotton canvas. The tent is secured with the help of pegs and guy ropes on the walls, and is best for a day's camping. 11. Instant or Quickpitch Tent As the name suggests, these tents can be erected instantly. The frame of the tent has a long coiled spring that uncoils when it is left free. It is best used for short amount of time. These tents are suitable for light weather conditions. 12. Geodesic Tent These tents are for the adventure junkies who like to set up camp under extreme climatic conditions. The tent has a number of flexible poles criss-crossing over the surface. This distribution of stress helps the tent to withstand extreme conditions. These are best used in case you wish to peak the Everest.
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