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  • Types of Tents
    Types of Tents Sep 22, 2022
    Tents for weddings come in two basic structures: pole tents and frame tents. However, there are multiple additional options, including marquee tents, sailcloth tents, and clear tents to find the best fit for your big day. Tension Pole Tents Tension pole tents have center poles that hold up the roof. They rely on a pattern of stakes and tie-downs to achieve stability, so they need to be set up in an area with softer ground, such as grass, rather than concrete. With the large poles in the center, they create a tall tower ceiling, adding an element of elegance to a tented wedding. Frame Tents Frame tents are clear span structures that have metal frames to support the roof, with an open space beneath the canopy. They are self-supporting and can be weighted down if the ground does not allow for staking. Frame tents generally require interior draping to conceal the internal framework, which can increase the cost of the tent rental, but it also gives a great opportunity to add luscious draping and string lights. Marquee Tents A marquee tent combines the concept of a pole tent and a frame tent to build a beautiful structure. The freestanding metal frame creates height for a tall roof. Plus, there’s the added benefit of no poles in the middle to work around. Sailcloth Tents Sailcloth tents utilize poles to create a structural base to pair with beautiful sailcloth material. But remember, because it is essentially a pole tent, it needs to be set up in an area that can have stakes put into the ground. As for decorating? The poles and the fabric for sailcloth tents are beautiful in their own right, so the structure can be left as is. Clear Tents For a more modern look, a clear tent is the way to go. It’s set up with a metal frame, just as a basic frame tent. However, with a clear tent, you’ll have a transparent canopy, allowing plenty of light to shine in. This option can be left simple and undecorated to let nature shine around you, or it can be enhanced with beautiful lighting.

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