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  • How Do You Decorate A Tent For A Wedding?
    How Do You Decorate A Tent For A Wedding? Mar 13, 2023
    Luxurious Wedding Tents That WOW A wedding outdoor tent screams luxury when the décor is meticulous and paired to perfection with gold touches. Dig in with gold chandeliers, lanterns, and strings lights to offer enclosure and intimacy. Go the whole nine yards with dramatic ceiling installations, draperies, and candles to transform your space into a unique setting. Set the entryway of your tent for the wedding with a water fountain and steel arch to create that luxurious feel. Lights can also hang over the arch or porch for amazing effects. If you want to add some glam to your wedding, employ chair sashes, gold place cards, napkins, and flatware. Throw in some blue, ivory, and grey centerpieces, candles, holders, and hanging installations. Elegant Wedding Reception Under Big Tent To bring a big wedding tent to life, maximize space with a vibrant yet natural color palette. Make your reception venue whimsical by hanging an assortment of floral garland overhead. To impress some vibrant mood and dimension, incorporate fabrics and twinkle lights all over the tent. Tea lights, candles, Edison bulbs, twinkles, and varying lengths of candles can change the game. Now, add some color and fun by draping many traditional ribbons around the beams. Then you can create an ethereal focal point with a wall of flowers in this “wall-less” venue. This floral wall can also serve as a backdrop for swoon-worthy photos. For a large wedding tent, throw in some tonal paper lanterns, garland-rimmed chandeliers, and tall trees to dazzle your guests. Unforgettable Bohemian Wedding Celebrations Under Tents The bohemian couple wants whimsical and nature-inspired accents in their outdoor wedding tent. So, hang a floral installation or a floral arch across your reception and head table. You can incorporate blooms, succulents, feathers, and greenery for the perfect mix to draw the eye up. Consider chandeliers, drapes, and above all, a clear tent wedding reception. The wild spirit associated with clear tents will suit a wanderlust spirit as the open sides will blend whit the décor. Stun everyone with draped pillars of flowers, desert-hued rugs, brass accents, feathers, vines, and foliage at the entrance. Opt for high centerpieces with textured balloon lights to create a cozy ambiance. Keep everything else simple in an array of colors that suit your palette. Lovely Rustic Receptions Under Wedding Tent For an unforgettable rustic touch, replicate the outdoors in your wedding tent with birch and lanterns. Use the trees as beams for support while leaving the paper lanterns hanging. Upgrade your crystal chandeliers into a jaw-dropping beauty by wrapping them in trailing leaves in bed with floral halos. Take care of the floor by creating a tiled color-blocked surface. For a befitting entrance, consider a burlap or macramé entryway flanked by pots of cacti on both sides. Merge floating greenery and bare light bulbs to create a natural rustic aesthetic. Throw in some candle shelves and hanging shelf flowers to nail the look.

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