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  • Do You Know Detachable Container House?
    Do You Know Detachable Container House? Nov 23, 2022
    Detchable container house is also known as quick installation and disassembly container house. It is a new type of movable house with standard structure. After the entire house is transported to the construction site, there is no need to weld at all, and it is fast and convenient to connect with screws. Various houses can be combined to realize multiple functions. In addition, the quick detachable container house is more environment friendly and energy saving, there will be no construction waste, and the materials can be recycled. Feeker detachable container house can be made in various colors and then decorated. The initial completion of our detachable container house is same as ordinary living house in appearance. Advantages of detchable container house 1. Environmental,no waste produced during assemble,no trash under construction.2. Sturdy and durable.It consists of steel structure and good for anti-seismic and anti-deformation.3. Good sealing performance.Strict manufacturing technique to make it with good waterproof ability.4. Easy for assembly and Dismantle.It is fireproof and anti corrosion.Its lifespan is 20 years.5. Convenience for transportation.Especially suitable for the builder who need to change the project site frequently.6. Various functions with various styles.Such as office,meeting room,dormitory,apartment,living room,kitchen,bathroom etc.7. Many modular units can be stacked and linked together to create more space. All the frame profiles of quick detachable container house are rolled and formed by hot-dip galvanized steel, which has good resistance to bending and compression. There are 4 supporting stand column, and 4 beams on the upper roof and 4 beams on the floor. The wallboards are double-sided color steel plate with middle rock wool or foam insulation layer. The main difference between the flat pack container house and the detachable container house is the degree of integration. Each component of the quick detachable container house needs to be assembled after receiving. The flat pack container house is more easy to install because the roof and floor is made in the factory. In addition, there is no need to hoist the detachable container house, while the flat pack container house needs to be hoisted.

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