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  • The features of Light Steel Structure House
    The features of Light Steel Structure House Mar 07, 2023
    The parts are made of light and thin-walled profiles, with the advantage of lightweight, high strength, and less space. The components are all automated, continuous, and high-precision production. The structural specifications have the characteristics of serialization, finalization, and matching. Professional structure and complex design software can be installed by computer simulation. Factory manufacturing and site installation can be performed simultaneously with a small time difference. Above the foundation is the dry construction, no wet work. After galvanizing and coating, the steel structures have a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion, which helps reduce the cost of enclosure and decoration. It is convenient to expand the column distance and provide larger separation space, which can reduce the story height and increase the building area (the residential area can reach 92%)—obvious advantages in adding floors, renovation, and reinforcement. Wall materials have a wide range of applications, especially the current lightweight wall panels, which use many lighting belts and have the right ventilation conditions. The indoor plumbing and electrical pipelines are all concealed in the wall and between the floors, with flexible layout and easy modification. Light steel buildings can be relocated, all materials can be recycled, no garbage is generated, and it is in line with sustainable development strategies. The light steel structure mostly adopts the steel frame structure composed of H-shaped steel, and the joints are connected by high-strength bolts (supplied by welding). The floor slab is covered with reinforced concrete on the profiled metal deck. Roof panels and exterior walls use color steel plates with thermal insulation cotton that integrate heat preservation and waterproofing. Advantages and disadvantages of Light Steel Structure House : High strength and lightweight. Uniform material and high reliability. Good plasticity and toughness. Convenient for mechanized manufacturing. Convenient installation and short construction period. Poor fire resistance. Poor rust resistance.

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