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How To Starting A Portable Toilet Business
How To Starting A Portable Toilet Business Nov 24, 2022

Although there may not be many of us who spend time contemplating the business of portable restrooms or porta-potties, they are a part of modern life and a very good source of income for hard-working entrepreneurs seeking financial success. 

Starting a portable toilet company is no easy endeavor, and careful preparation on several fronts is necessary in order to be successful. 

Find The Right Portable Toilet Supplier

No matter where you may reside, as a portable toilet entrepreneur you can start by seeking out the best supplier for your line. 

When comparing portable toilet manufacturers, there are three factors that should be taken into consideration. They are: product, customer service and company intangibles.


Obviously, the toilets themselves must meet standard criteria. The most common is the Standard Unit, which is commonly seen in construction sites

They are durable and built to specifically provide adequate ventilation and to withstand both harsh weather conditions and the chemicals used for cleaning. Enhanced Access Units are larger because they accommodate wheelchairs.

Equipped with handrails and sometimes baby-changing stations, these appeal to families with small children. 

Restroom trailers stand apart from other types because they are meant to create a "homey" bathroom experience. 

Equipped with multiple stalls, urinals and showers, if this is the desired specialty, an entrepreneur must dig a bit deeper for a supplier because not all of them deal with restroom trailers. 

One important benefit associated with selecting a portable toilet manufacturer is the pride felt about using locally made products. 

A "Made in China" sticker is a warm and fuzzy welcome as well as a symbol of quality and durability. 

A top portable toilet manufacturer will offer porta-potties with quality parts and features some of which include: corners that are strong and can accommodate frequent handling and strapping for transport; doors that don't sag and close firmly and top-of-the-line components that include everything from the smallest pieces of toilet seat hardware to larger elements, such as unit side panels.

Customer Service

Whomever you purchase your portable toilets from, be sure to inquire about, and thoroughly research, their customer service performance and policies. 

While product certainly matters, customer satisfaction often correlates with business results, growth and sustainability. 

If you want to be in the business for the long haul, you want a company with a dependable track record.

Those that prioritize customer service usually win in the end, and never forget; that applies to your portable toilet service business as well.

Company Intangibles

By definition, company intangibles cannot be physically touched. 

Assessing their worth is often difficult because their value is long-term and cannot be precisely delineated in the same manner as land, vehicles, equipment, and inventory. 

They include aspects such as: a good reputation, experience and expertise, brand recognition and intellectual property, including: patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Be sure to get your portable toilet company off on the right foot from the very beginning! 

Do your homework and consider options carefully, and above all else. Topindus will be your most trusted portable toilets manufacturer in China.

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