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  • What Is Standard Portable Toilet
    What Is Standard Portable Toilet Nov 24, 2022
    The standard portable toilet is the most iconic portable toilet in the industry. These portable toilets have about 12 square feet with a dimension of 43.5”x47”. They are configured with a comfortable setup and interior dimensions of 11.7 square feet or 41”x41”. The Capacity Of The Standard Portable Toilet Size The standard portable toilet has a capacity of about 200 uses. On average, one standard portable toilet is capable of serving 100 people for a single, 4-hour event. This portable toilet is great for construction sites (10 workers for a 40-hour work week), outdoor concerts, or a casual event at your home where you may not want to have people going in and out of your house (i.e. family reunions, or graduations). Best Event Types For The Standard Portable Toilet While the standard portable toilet can be used for almost any occasion, here are some of the reasons to use this style versus another. You are looking for the most economical way to offer a lot of units You are hosting a casual event You need a temporary restroom during a home remodel project It is important to remember that these restrooms do not comply with ADA standards. If you are doing any kind of public event, you must also order a Handicap unit. Also, remember these standard units do not have a handwashing station, so if you need a sink, you may want to consider an elite unit or adding a handwashing station.

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